it is to be an expression of our philosophy on the moment and momentism.

a little experiment maybe. a collaboration of philosophy, ideas, time, technology, the internet, film.
a dialogue on being and a frenzied expression of the multiplicity and simultaneity of existence from moment to moment. to lap up nothing and to bask in everything.

document it.
listen to it.
immitate it.
film it.
reconstruct it.
re-enact it.
tear it to shreds.

but inevitably we will always be one fly to a foghorn behind.
narrative is infinite. the moment is not chronological. sidestepping backwards forwards.
a moment touches us, barely and briefly, before the atoms in our brains have disorganised and reorganised, reconnected and disconnected, before the millions of connections between nerve ending to nerve ending, from eye to ear, ear to head, head to hand, have crackled or fizzed. it will usually sneak out the backdoor.
we are ill-prepared
sleuths but
we shall try
to catch it.
this is the beginning of a project
that has brewed from one dot to the next.